One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is provided during and between the workshops. The coach wants you to be successful. If you have questions, find yourself baffled, confused, or just plain stuck, your coach can assist you. The coach also:

  • helps you to stay focused
  • helps you understand where you are in the process
  • helps you stay engaged with the right activities.

If the coach can’t help you, he/she has a panel of experts to call on to work on your problem. Everyone’s goal is the same: to help you acquire a sustainable, affordable, marketing and sales business process that’s integrated into your daily business.

One on One Personal Coaching by phone & e-mail

Your purchase includes:

  • Marketing for Smarties Workbook
  • Toolshed
  • other supporting materials
  • One-on-one coaching organized to suit individual needs
  • A minimum of:
    • 3 hours coaching on the telephone
    • 3 hours coaching by e-mail

To make special arrangements to suit your individual needs, please call 212-292-4521




"...Marketing for Smarties has put my ‘feet to the fire’ in a wholly positive way, teaching me how to integrate marketing activities into my business routine."

Paula Eastwood
Creative Director, Eastwood Design





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