The MFS Toolshed CD

All the electronic files of the worksheets — simple Word tables — from the workbook are contained on Toolshed, a CD. We urge you to print all of them and put them in a three-ring binder.

You can edit each to suit your individual requirements or style: increase or decrease the size, add or subtract columns, work them on your computer, scrawl away on the hard copy or both.

The steps and worksheets lead you to build your process brick-by-brick.

Toolshed's Table of Contents

Step 1. Take an Inventory of Your Marketing & Sales Knowledge and Experience

  • Early bird candidates; ideas for deals
  • source / notes
  • What worked, What failed OR Why they bought, Why they walked
  • Benefits vs. Features
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Your strengths and weaknesses

Step 2. Think About Resources, Prepare a Simple Plan

  • Tasks / Possibilities
  • See Step 12 for Timelines

Step 3. Content: Lay The Groundwork For A Business Case Sale

  • Determine your positioning in the marketplace

Step 4. Content: Your Copy Platform

  • Brain Dump
  • Your copy platform

Step 5. Test Market: A Letter, A Script, A Flyer, A Short List, and Cold Calls

  • Introduction to sample direct mail / standard response letter
  • Sample standard response / direct mail letter

Step 7. The Right List

  • vendor / selections / format / quote

Step 8. Communications Matrix

  • The communications matrix

Step 10. Lead Tracking

  • Sales Pipeline Report

Step 11. Relationship Building Through Database Marketing

  • Activity / pro / con
  • Projects and Milestones

Step 12. Simple Project Management Tools

  • Timelines
  • Monthly project updates
  • Sales revenue forecast




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