The MfS Challenge: Syllabus

The following syllabus assumes a program consisting of three workshops, each 4 hours long, with one month between each workshop.

Workshop I: Steps 1-4

1. Take an Inventory of Your Marketing & Sales Knowledge and Experience
Owners usually have more knowledge and experience than they imagine and therein lays the beginnings of a formal marketing and sales business process. All possible sources for discovering documents and information from previous experience are reviewed. This material is used for list building, lessons learned, and identification of benefits and features. Competitive analysis is also covered.

2. Think About Resources, Prepare a Simple Plan
Learn all the resources that ultimately will be needed to organize and implement the process. We help owners think through what they can do themselves, where they may need help, which tasks should be tackled early on and which should be left for later. A simple plan and timeline is used to carry out the near term tasks.

3. Positioning: The Ground Your Company Stands On
The ground your company stands on should be rock solid. We explain positioning so that owners can develop value propositions that will evolve into the raw ideas, words, and phrases that will be the basis of the content of marketing and sales materials.

4. The Right Message: Your Copy Platform
A copy platform makes all your crucial selling points in one tight, succinct statement, usually taking one page or less. It will form teh basis for all your communications. We'll show you how to do a “brain dumps” and then help you to edit and polish your statements into a copy platform for your marketing.

Workshop II: Steps 5-9

5. Test Market Your Pitch With A Small Samplet Before Roll-Out
You'll conduct a simple, brief test marketing campaign to make sure your themes and messages are effective and valid. Using your copy platform, you will prepare the campaign’s instruments, test your message and track its effectiveness.

6. The Brochure And Internet Marketing
You should have support lined up to assist with preparing a brochure and initiating or upgrading your web site. We'll give you simple and affordable ideas for preparing these tools and making sure all forms of web and other marketing work together to build a reputation, increase leads, and establish a “buzz”.

7. The Right List
You want to get momentum in a marketing campaign. To attain that, you must identify your target markets and personify those markets in the right list before you start. The right list is essential to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.

8. Communications Matrix
We use a communication matrix to leverage the valuable marketing tools you are developing. By using every possible medium available, you'll gain maximum value of the materials and you'll set the stage for communication with prospects through their preferred media.

9. Lead Tracking
We stress the importance of record keeping while keeping the focus on action. Contact management systems are central to the process, and we make sure you avoid the pitfalls of sinking into the technology swamp.

Workshop III: Steps 10-14

10. Move Them Up the Ladder — Build Your Sales Pipeline
The sales process is daunting for most newcomers. The sales pipeline ladder breaks the process down into a series of small steps. Each is a kind of mini-sale that ultimately brings in the customers. The cumulative effect is the building of a sales pipeline that steadies the business by providing a continuous flow of leads.

11. Customer Relationship Building Through Database Marketing
Marketing and sales are about getting to know people — getting to know them so well that they become loyal customers who are receptive to increasing their purchases. That’s relationship building. The way to build relationships is through communications and events. The company’s database is at the core of the process.

12. Simple Project Management Tools
Marketing and sales are labor intensive and can become quite complicated. To make sure that programs run smoothly and efficiently, we present a few simple project management tools help keep it all together.

13. Build Your Business from the Inside Out — and ENJOY!
First, make sure the existing customer base is satisfied and you are obtaining the maximum business possible through key account selling and other techniques. Add new customers to base as you move along. And always remember: marketing and sales are about enthusiasm.

14. We Plan…Then There’s Life…Then Another Plan
Plans don’t run on automatic pilot. Responsiveness to market feedback is essential. This entails nimble adaptation, giving due weight to experience in preparing new plans. We'll help you review plans for the next six-month period, including the materials and activities.


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