MfS and the Quality Center for Business

(in Farmington, NM)

The Planned Growth Company´s (PGC) administrative support is located in the Quality Center for Business (QCB) in Farmington, New Mexico and at Four Corners Management Services in nearby Durango, Colorado.

PGC is an affiliate in the QCB´s world-class business incubator where access is provided to the facility´s services and resources. The QCB´s Enterprise Center conducts a rigorous Marketing for Smarties Train-the-Coaches program targeted for professional marketers who desire to become certified MfS coaches, and meet the qualifications to participate in the MfS Coaches Cooperative.

Four Corners Management Services manages the MfS Coaches Cooperative which offers certified coaches a wide range of business opportunities including running MfS workshops and seminars, providing special services to larger businesses, and configuring projects to match individual client requirements and MfS coaches skill sets.

The Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center at Fort Lewis College in Durango and MfS Coaches in the southwestern US network play an important role in the evolution of MfS. The Centers at Fort Lewis College and San Juan College have been running MfS Challenge, often multiple times a year, for several years, contributing much to the development of Marketing for Smarties programs and services.

Marketing for Smarties received the highest evaluations and positive feedback of all training seminars offered by the Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center over the last two (2) years.







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