The MFS Workbook

14 Steps to Sustained Growth in just 66 pages

If you don't want a 300 page textbook or a set of 25 DVDs, you'll appreciate the straightforward way Marketing for Smarties gets you into marketing like a pro. For example, because you're smart you'll find that you'll easily pick up strategic planning, marketing communications, relationship building and many other skills.

Accessible and affordable, very down to earth, Marketing for Smarties guides you in building a marketing and sales business process — yes! A process! A process that keeps working while you're busy with the fun things, like signing up new customers and depositing their checks in the bank.

Table of Contents

Step 1. Take an Inventory of Your Marketing & Sales Knowledge and Experience
Step 2. Think About Resources, Prepare A Simple Plan
Step 3. Positioning: The Ground Your Company Stands On
Step 4. The Right Message: Your Copy Platform
Step 5. Test Market Your Pitch With A Small Samplet Before Roll-Out
Step 6. The Brochure And Internet Marketing
Step 7. The Right List
Step 8. Communications Matrix
Step 9. Lead Tracking
Step 10. Move Them Up the Ladder -- Build Your Sales Pipeline
Step 11. Customer Relationship Building through Database Marketing
Step 12. Simple Project Management Tools
Step 13. Build Your Business from the Inside Out -- and ENJOY!
Step 14. We Plan... Then There's Life... Then Another Plan

"...As a small business owner I found ‘Marketing for Smarties’ invaluable and to the point."

Constance Moloney
The Framing Company



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