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This section includes downloadable materials, or links to materials, that support Marketing for Smarties Events. NOTE: Password protected. If you need a password, contact us.

Our program can be a new source of income to you if you're a trained coach, or if you're a professional marketer looking for the strong content to work with small business owners who cannot afford to buy consulting or marketing services.

The Planned Growth Company has been working with the Quality Center for Business in Farmington, New Mexico over the past three years developing a Train-the-Coaches for the Marketing for Smarties Challenge. The Challenge can be used to work with groups or in one-on-one coaching. High content and practicality in engaging small business owners new to marketing, or enhancing the activities of those currently involved, has been proven many times over (see Testimonials).

Please contact us to tell us about yourself, your background and your interests.

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