Marketing for Smarties for Intrapreneurial Spirits

Wouldn't you love to see your sales reps reel in key accounts you've longed for?

Increase the productivity of your commission-only employees by making them marketing thinkers and doers through Marketing for Smarties. See them bring in more accounts — and bigger ones.

Call them sales representatives, insurance agents, real estate brokers, or stockbrokers (technically, registered representatives). No matter the title, it generally all comes down to the same proposition. "Here’s a desk, a telephone, a telephone directory, a computer, corporate marketing materials, and a few leads. Go find the prospects, turn them into customers, and you’ll make money."

With Marketing for Smarties, commission-only employees are more than just self-employed and different from entrepreneurs. In truth — they’re intrepraneurs!

To get the most out of their opportunities, intrapreneurs need to know marketing strategy and tactics:

  • They need to understand their positioning within your company, the sales force and within their territories.
  • They need to drill down to find the details of their individual perspectives, strengths and styles so that they can prepare copy platforms.
  • They need to strengthen their presence at the transaction, to stand tall alongside the company’s powerful marketing programs and materials.

Strategy. Positioning. Copy platforms. Presence at the transaction. That’s the beginning, the beginning of marketing thinking and doing.

To find out whether there’s a good fit between your company and Marketing for Smarties, we offer you, free of charge, a Key Account Marketing seminar. Take a fling at adding a whole new dimension to your sales force by contacting us.

Watch your commission-only employees’ productivity increase dramatically as they become marketing thinkers and doers through Marketing for Smarties. Wouldn’t you love to see your sales reps reel in key accounts you’ve longed to get?


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