Once and for all time, take charge of your disparate, sporadic marketing activities through Marketing for Smarties’ Command and Control.

Daily business operations and the all compelling bottom line invariably get scrupulous attention, way too often at the sacrifice of the only activity that increases the top line — marketing!

Control this crucial business function by building your company’s own internal marketing and sales business process. You can use existing in-house staff and other resources, perhaps complemented with part-timers, interns, volunteers or others. The path to growth, it’s also the way you’re going command the respect of your staff or outside services providers when you need them.

In choosing Command and Control, you’ll be working with an MfS Certified Coach who has wide experience working with companies individually and in groups (through our workshops and seminars). You’ll be benefiting from our collective experience over six years of engagement with business-to-business and business-to-consumer, start-ups and entrepreneurial veterans with 10, 20, even 30 year old firms, and commission-only employees, not-for-profits, and community development and college admissions officers.

Here’s how we can serve you:


Unlike most micro-small business owners, larger ventures like yours usually have done something, even if it’s all fairly primitive; otherwise you wouldn’t have been successful. So stock has to be taken. A Certified Marketing for Smarties coach will sit down with you and assess your past marketing channels, results, skills, competitive analysis, and tracking mechanisms. We will also evaluate your comfort and skill level in adopting new marketing strategies (i.e. social media, Internet marketing, etc…) Finally, we will look at your staff and internal marketing capabilities. Should everything be done internally or is your company large enough so that outside specialists should be retained (e.g. Internet marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, publicity, etc.)?


Marketing is labor intensive. It’s extremely difficult for one person to do everything. What makes sense is to distribute tasks over a number of people. For example, the owner or a manger might handle strategic planning, media relations, liaising with an advertising agency, etc. Whereas, administrative assistants, part-time workers, interns, or others might take responsibility for the contact management system, web analytics reports, organization of blog articles, production of marketing materials, assembling and delivering the necessary materials for direct mail, arranging for e-mail distributions, etc. The value in taking the MfS training together is that they’ll understand what their piece of the process is and how it works with the others.


The Challenge is a series of workshops, usually four sessions over two or three months. Based on the MfS Workbook, 14 Steps to Sustained Growth, the Challenge consists of coaching, tasking, and peer exchange. It’s the last, the peer exchange, that’s most invaluable. That’s when we see the most learning, through the give and take and the getting and giving of feedback and advice. The program is customized to meet the unique needs of your company. It’s up to you whether you want to have a Challenge with your staff and yourself, the staff alone, or by yourself alone.


The 14 Steps, the business process central to MfS, need not necessarily be linear. That is, it’s possible to dive into the steps, or even one step, in the middle of the process and focus on those activities. For example, an automobile dealership with 99 employees chose to work on upgrading its contact management system and direct mail programs while using simple project management tools in MfS to set unit and dollar sales quotas. Deploying telemarketers to follow-up and track leads lead the dealership to a significant increase in revenues. Another owner’s focus was on applying the results of the strategic planning study (Steps 1,3,and 4.) to improve the firm’s message in its marketing communications, especially its website. We help you decide on the focuses based on the evaluation.


Just as law and medicine consist of innumerable specific disciplines, marketing does as well. Marketing covers sales, advertising, public relations, special events, media relations, direct mail, social media, website development, Internet marketing, sales promotion, sampling, market research, and many more. No one can be an expert in every field. If your organization has a need to get deeper into an aspect of marketing than is usually covered by the program, experts will be brought in to assist.

It all starts with showing up…

"Half of life is showing up" and in marketing, the first step is to show up for Marketing for Smarties. That’s a proposition that’s supported by hundreds of owners who have acquired the right in-house marketing and sales business process through MfS. We said, "Trust-the-Process." They did and found themselves in a whole new place with their ventures. You will, too, when MfS Command and Control is in place in your business.



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